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led reading glasses 5

  White  LED
Reading Glasses
Original  USD$ 29.99
 Special  :  USD$ 14.99
   1. White LED lighst on Right and Left Side .
   2. Reading at night
   3. Working under dim condition 

 Eyejusters : Self-adjusting readers
Price  :  USD$ 44.95  Free Shipping ! 
  1. You adjust the diopter strength  .
  2. Correct your own vision for reading, computer,      cooking...
  3. Diopter range of 0.00   to  +4.50    or
    0.00  to  -5.00  .
  4.People with different reading strengths in each eye.
Welcome to our website of  the most innovation product recently , ie Led Reading glasses .

You are coming to the right place  . It is because you are reaching almost  the factory of this products though they are sold all over the world .This is why you just need to pay USD$14.99 to buy the best qualtity of this similar products all over the market . We may sell this item in both the cheapest and the best quality on the internet .

I suppose you should have the experience in restaurant that was so dark you had to guess the content and the price of the items on the menu?

Or may be you like to read in bed while your significant other just wants to go to sleep and turn the lights out.

Now this recently innovation product helps you to solve all these problems .

In fact , you may find many other situations which you could use this innovation product such as night fishing , replacing fuse , searching in small spaces , camping , repairing computer box and seeing your computer keyboard at night etc ..

Come and discover why this product is so popular in the world that people ask for it everywhere !

Get a pair of Led Reading glasses and solve any reading problems you have before .


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it safe to post the eyeglasses ?

Answer :  Yes , we have over ten years of experience on selling eyeglasses and sunglasses on internet . We posted glasses to anywhere in the world for long time with excellent records . We pack all our goods in carton box with protective materials .

2.  Is the postage fee expensive if your goods are sending almost from the manufacturer ?

Answer :  Free shipping to any countries in the world is provided if you buy the glasses today  !

                 We ship to all countries in the world including USA , Canada ,
Australia , United Kingdom , Switzerland , Sweden , Spain , Norway  , Netherlands , Luxembourg , Italy , Ireland , Greece , Germany , France , Finland , Denmark , Brazil , Belgium , Austria , New Zealand , Singapore , Malaysia ,  South Korea , Japan ...........etc

3. How do I find out what power of the lens I need?

Answer :  This information could come from your optometrist , but you can also get a general idea of what you need by visiting your local pharmacy's display of reading glasses and determining which pair provides you with the most visual comfort.

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