Content is comming here as you probably can see.Content is comming here as you probably can see.
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Replacement Batteries
Battery Type: LR927 Button Cell
Set of 4
Price : USD$2.99
(Shipping included )
1 set of 4 cells

All Models we have :

Model : Rainbow
Colorful  frames

Model : Plain
Black , Brown  frame

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This is the available frames for the Lighted Reading Glasses with special powers Back To Symmetric Powers
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You are coming to the right place to buy the LED Reading Glasses with special powers ( Asymmetric Power or  any Prescription Power including astigmatism  or even No Power at all  ) .
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There are three types of Special Power LED Reading Glasses :

1)  You need LED Asymmetric Reading Glasses if the lens power needed for  your right eye is not equal to that of left eye .

2)  You need LED Prescription Eyeglasses if you want to buy the LED  Eyeglasses with your own prescription  .

You need LED Plano Glasses and LED Safety Glasses if you want to buy the LED Eyeglasses With No Power or LED Safety Glasses Only   .


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